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CAVU ERP Mason Supply Software enables you to sell more product at the right margin, lower costs by reducing errors and facilitate better product procurement. Whether you prefer CAVU ERP for Cloud (hosted on Microsoft Azure) or Client/Server (in-house network), CAVU ERP equips you to make smarter decisions based on accurate system intelligence. Because that is what stimulates business growth.

CAVU ERP provides complete control of your mason supply enterprise.

  • Quoting & Sales Order Management
  • POS Counter Operations
  • Inventory & Purchasing
  • Block, Brick & Paver Production
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Dispatch & Delivery


Mason suppliers, above all others, have complex inventory needs. Inventory management has a direct impact on profitability. Control is the name of the game for accurate shipments, on-time deliveries, and efficient replenishment.

  • Quick, accurate loading calculations for products sold in multiple units of measure to eliminate overloading that erodes profitability
  • Square footage conversions
  • Extensive pricing methods… contract pricing by customer, by job, volume discounts, tiered pricing, zone pricing by origin, zone pricing by destination
  • Product / Lot Tracking
  • Refund control on all products (great for pallet returns!)
  • Meticulous back order control for partial deliveries and pickups


A large factor in a profitable mason supply business is a loyal customer base. CAVU ERP provides the tools you need to increase customer satisfaction. Because a happy customer is a repeat customer.

  • Speedy POS transactions enable you to handle the early-morning rush crowd with ease
  • Provides a seamless POS transaction with integration for: Truck Scales for aggregate and bulk materials, POS devices such as barcode scanning, driver’s license scanning, and credit card processing signature devices.
  • Immediate access to order history for customers, jobs, and products
  • Quick E-docs functions to instantly email statements, invoices and job reports to your customer
  • Seamless integration between back-office orders and front POS counter


The Sales Order Dashboard is Command Central for your sales team. By offering a single holistic view with powerful drill-downs and data flowing from all departments, every aspect of an opportunity is at your salesperson’s fingertips starting with the quote. 360 degree visibility of order status, related purchase orders, expected receiving dates and line item back order status gives your sales staff instant access to critical details to help them provide optimum customer service. Lost opportunity reporting enables sales teams to adapt quickly to negative trends.

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  • Dispatch: Manage your trucks, drivers and deliveries with ease. The graphical Dispatch dashboard seamlessly integrates with other modules to automatically display sales orders and POS tickets to be dispatched. Well-organized dispatching eliminates messy whiteboards, post-it notes, and cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Integrated Texting: Keep your customers and employees in the loop regarding anything from orders and deliveries to payments received and collections with the integrated texting option right from your software.
  • Production: Producers of brick, block and pavers can closely monitor production activities with CAVU ERP Brick & Block Production module. Built-in CMU Checkoff functionality.


CAVU ERP provides comprehensive reporting to help you slice and dice data for targeted reporting. Drive your business with complete visibility from financial data and detailed sales analysis to SBE reporting and on-demand job reports for contractors and construction company accounts. Elevated system intelligence provides the tools you need to make smarter decisions faster.

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