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The most profitable trailer companies know that it’s all about the details. Unit details, mileage & meter details, billing details, service details… there’s just so much to keep track of. Based upon input from leaders in the trailer industry, CAVU ERP Trailer Management Software offers one seamless solution to handle trailer leasing, rentals, sales and service and accounting.

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and separate software packages.

With all departments seamlessly integrated, CAVU ERP Trailer Management Software provides 360 degree visibility of your trailer operation so that you can keep your fleet in tip-top shape and your customers billed accurately and on-time.

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CAVU ERP is specifically designed to address the day-to-day situations that real trailer companies face.

  • Flexible billing options allow for daily, weekly and monthly billing with options for calendar date, company calendar, cycle, or 1st of the month.
  • Tracking of both mileage hubometer and hourly meter readings with ability to bill estimated, periodic true-ups, and actual.
  • Handle adjustments with ease, whether it’s prior billed mileage adjustments or hubometer and hourly meter replacements.
  • Keep your fleet running optimally with meticulous service records including complete service history, next service due, FHWA inspections, 90-day inspections and a thorough planned maintenance schedule.
  • Preserve a complete centralized view of all related work order information with multiple attachments such as photos, drawings, and documents.
  • Closely monitor client status: Insurance certificate expirations, tax exempt documents, and credit limits.


CAVU ERP Trailer Management is the result of our development team working closely with leaders in the trailer industry to build an application that solves the challenges that commonly erode profit.

  • Increase unit profitability with precise asset management and enhanced utilization
  • Provide a superior customer experience with flexible features to meet varying demands
  • Drive revenue and customer loyalty with Preventive Maintenance functions to prevent unnecessary downtime.
  • Achieve optimum parts management efficiency with better procurement practices leveraged on data transparency across all departments
  • Capture every cost from purchase to maintenance and repair service and improvements to ensure that your trailers sell at the right price for the right amount of profit.

Let's Hit the Ground Running! Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and separate software packages.

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