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Services to ensure client success

At CAVU ERP, we recognize that software is only part of the equation. Effective implementation services and ongoing technical support can make or break a client relationship. CAVU ERP Support is laser-focused on providing knowledgeable, dependable and friendly (that’s right… friendly) services to our clients. We support clients around the globe using advanced support tools and technology to eliminate the frustration that is often experienced in other support models.

Our support technicians actually do answer the phones. In fact, support calls are answered by a support technician – yes, a human…. 92% of the time. In addition to phone, clients have access to online videos, product documentation, Web training classes and a 24 X 7 Web portal to submit support and review support tickets and access online support documents.



Is CAVU ERP a hosted “cloud”-based system or a client/server application?

It’s your choice. CAVU ERP is offered as a hosted cloud-based system and as an on-premise client/server application. You can speak with your CAVU ERP representative to discuss the deployment option that is right for your organization.

What is the hosting platform for your cloud-based option?

CAVU ERP for the cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure. This environment offers some of the most advanced security technology in the industry, with the ability to securely manage remote access and logins and protect against advanced targeted attacks. Because of Microsoft’s vast global footprint, Azure provides high availability and redundancy, two very important factors for any client environment.

I don’t want my system to be on the cloud. Do I need a server?

Yes, if you have multiple users and are not on the cloud, then you will definitely need a server.

I have multiple locations. What are my options?

Many of our clients have multiple branch locations that are divisions of one corporation / tax entity. They incorporate CAVU ERP’s Divisional Reporting module into their configuration which allows for branch and consolidated entity reporting.

If you have multiple companies, CAVU ERP can easily handle that as well with its ability to handle separate company databases.


What software database is CAVU ERP based on?

CAVU ERP utilizes Microsoft SQL Server which provides scalability, data integrity and consistent performance.

From a user standpoint, does the Cloud version have different functionality than the Client/Server version?

No. Whether you choose cloud or client/server, the software functionality is the same.

What if I don’t want to start with all the modules?

Since CAVU ERP is a modular-based system, you can start with as many modules as you’d like. The system is totally scalable so you can expand your system at any time. Many clients have started off with one configuration and then, as their business needs expanded, they have added modules, additional users, and new branch locations.

If we buy the system, how long will it take us to be up and running?

That depends on several variables. As a rule of thumb, we feel that the ideal time-frame is 90 days from purchase.

What should we expect if we purchase your system?

Within 2 days from purchase completion, your sales representative will contact you to schedule a Kick-Off call. This call is designed to introduce you to your assigned Implementation team.

  • If you have purchased a Cloud subscription, your company cloud environment will be prepped and ready to go within 5 days of purchase, and you will be assigned login credentials for each user.
  • If you have purchased the Client/Server version, we will schedule the installation of the software. We install via the Web and, if possible, we prefer that your networking company/consultant be involved in the installation so that they are aware of how we are installing on the network.

You will be sent a link to an Implementation Plan that is customized for your company needs. We use a collaboration tool that provides a chronological timeline and sequence for the steps necessary to complete your setup. In this online collaboration tool, you and your staff will have access to training videos, user worksheets, manuals and other tools throughout the implementation. After the implementation, support subscribers have continuous access to our online Learning Center videos.


What about training?

Every system that we sell includes training by a certified UAS trainer. Training is a required part of your purchase. We firmly believe that thorough training is a key element to our clients’ success with the system and has a direct impact on a quick return-on-investment for them.

Does your trainer come to my location?

You have options. For clients that are implementing many modules and have a full staff that needs to be trained, onsite training typically makes the most sense. We also offer training at our headquarters in New Jersey. Both options – at your site or ours – provide intensive training in full-day sessions. We also provide instructor-led Web training which can be broken down in manageable shorter sessions. Your sales representative will work with you to suggest the optimum training program based upon your software configuration, business environment, and preferences.

Once we get the system, do you provide a “sandbox” area of the system where users can practice with the system?

Every installation includes a Practice Company pre-loaded with sample data. This is a separate database that your employees can experiment in with no fear of affecting live data. Even after your initial implementation is over, we maintain this sandbox Practice Company environment for you as this is a great training tool for new employees at any time.


Do you provide software & support to clients outside the U.S.?

Yes. In addition to our clients throughout the contiguous U.S., we serve clients across the globe. Currently we support clients in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, all throughout Canada and abroad including Aruba, Philippines, Panama and more.